About Us

Today’s technological innovations empower creators to produce content never before imagined, enable audiences to enjoy these entertaining and inspiring works across an ever-expanding universe of channels and platforms, and drive economic growth.

We are in an era of unparalleled creativity and choice. 

However, amidst this digital revolution, online piracy poses a significant — and rapidly evolving — threat to creators and consumers around the world.

ACE is a unique effort that for the first time unites today’s content creators in the common mission of helping consumers maximize their online experience and reducing the illicit and illegal acts of online piracy that harm the thriving digital ecosystem.


ACE Members

Our Mission

The internet has been an enormous opportunity for creativity, but as more content moves online, artists and creators are increasingly harmed by online piracy and the unauthorized and unlicensed use of their works.

The Threat of Online Piracy

As content proliferates online, pirate site operators are finding new ways to profit from the theft and illegal distribution of unauthorized content, harm creators and artists, and jeopardize the ability of audiences worldwide to safely enjoy the content of their choice.

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The Thriving Digital Content Marketplace

The creative industries are offering audiences more legal choices than ever before — with expanded access to creative content where, when, and on any device they want.

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Working Together to Reduce Piracy

A comprehensive approach to reducing piracy and supporting creativity includes ongoing expansion of legally available content, enforcement actions against pirate site operators, and voluntary initiatives with participants across the internet ecosystem to reduce theft.

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